Wedding of a beneficiary

Anbumozhi Dharmaseelan, born 27.2.1984 was a one of FAMIN’s beneficiary and brought up in Tamil Nadu  She lost her father when she was 6 years old and the whole family with the mother and four little children was broken.  After many years of suffering also due to an eye defect, FAMIN supported her. She went into surgery for her eye in Bangalore and started teacher training courses. On 13th February 2017 Anbumozhi got married to Mr. Karthik in Chennai.
She confesses that God has blessed her life and of all family members using the FAMIN ministry.

Nähschule eröffnet

In Bangalore eröffnete FAMIN im Juni 2008 eine weitere Nähschule. Damit helfen wir den Frauen, mit einer soliden Nähausbildung ein eigenes Business zu starten, das ihnen zur finanziellen Unabhängigkeit verhelfen soll.


Hier ein Auszug aus einem englischen Bericht, den uns unser Feldsekretär Silas Rameshkumar aus Indien übermittelte:

FAMIN Tailoring Unit / School at LJCPM

From June 11th 2008 onwards the FAMIN tailoring school has been started at the LJCPM church with a temporary teacher. FAMIN contributed as an advance INR […] towards this tailoring school for the purchase of 3 machines and agreed to pay for the salary of the tailoring teacher.

In the beginning 5 students were learning and later on it was found that the teacher was not teaching well and she discontinued during the end of June.

From July onwards another sister called Laveena was appointed as Tailoring Instructor. She is teaching well and the number of students is increasing day-by-day and there are 15 students learning at this level. There is a need of at least 5 machines to maintain the stream of practicing for the students.

Silas Rameshkumar, Secretary, FAMIN India

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